Tom Scalisi


Tom Scalisi is a freelance writer specializing in the home design, construction, tools, and automotive industries. He has been involved in the trades for over 15 years as both a contractor and a commercial building mechanic. Tom has written for several online blogs and magazines including Next Luxury, The Drive, Car Bibles, and PowerTüls. In addition to his professional life, Tom enjoys getting outside on his mountain bike, camping, beekeeping, and fishing. Tom is also an avid racing and baseball fan. He lives in NY’s Hudson Valley with his wife, their three children, and three dogs. Connect with Tom onLinkedIn.

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JUNE 23, 2020 | TUESDAY
12 Tips and Tricks We Learned from Professional Movers

Take some of the stress, accidents, and guesswork out of moving with these top tips from the pros.

The Best Fly Traps for DIY Pest Control

Controlling flies can seem like an impossible battle. They reproduce quickly, and they’re unbelievably challenging to catch. You need an effective product that you can set up to catch tho...

JUNE 15, 2020 | MONDAY
10 Ways to Travel This Year Without Paying for a Hotel

If you long to travel but are short on funds, don't despair! There are plenty of inexpensive ways to expand your horizons and see the country without draining your bank account.

JUNE 15, 2020 | MONDAY
The Best Spider Killers for DIY Pest Control

No one likes to share their home with spiders. These creepy crawlers always seem to show up out of nowhere and can send chills up your spine. Whether you’re downright terrified of them or...

JUNE 13, 2020 | SATURDAY
The Best Drip Irrigation Systems for Your Garden

Keeping up with watering your garden can be a challenge. Vacations, busy schedules, and changing weather conditions can all leave flowers, veggies, and shrubs thirsty. But install one of ...

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The Best Attic Fans for Home Ventilation

No matter how well-insulated your attic might be, direct sun on your roof can result in heat radiating into the attic space. This prolonged exposure to heat can affect your shingles and s...

JUNE 8, 2020 | MONDAY
The Best Mulching Blades for Mowers

You work hard to mow your lawn, yet can wind up with ugly clumps of cut grass sitting atop that manicured expanse of green. Even folks who want clippings to return to the soil as nutritio...

JUNE 7, 2020 | SUNDAY
The Best Lawn Sweepers for a Well-Manicured Lawn

The best lawn sweepers are fast and efficient at picking up leaves, grass clippings, and even pine needles, giving your yard a pristine look. These machines collect yard waste in a hopper...

8107 c0c549f2e629b1880b627d25a2aa
The Best Electric Chainsaws for Yard Work

When yard work goes beyond small potatoes puttering—to cut up fallen tree limbs or trim some fence posts to size—nothing comes in quite as handy as an electric chainsaw. The best of these...

The Best Plunge Routers for Woodworkers

Whether it’s rounding off the edge of a shelf board or creating a mortise in the center of a piece of hardwood, woodworkers often reach for a plunge router to get the job done. This versa...