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The Best Wood Screw Options



Wood screw diameters are expressed numerically with the # symbol. Screws with smaller #4 and #6 diameters are best for small crafts, toys, and other light-duty projects. The #8 and #10 sizes are good for general-use construction, around the shop, and for common home repairs. Heavy-duty #12 and #14 screws are necessary for hanging solid doors and other projects where individual strength is imperative.


Steel wood screws are a good, general purpose choice for woodworking and interior DIY projects, but other types are available as well. Deck screws are wood screws that are either made of a corrosion-resistant material (like stainless steel) or are coated with a material (like silicone bronze) to make them resistant to corrosion from weather and chemicals in pressure-treated lumber. They are useful for most outdoor applications. Other wood screw materials commonly include bronze, brass, and aluminum.




最好的木螺钉选项:#8 x 1-1 4银星不锈钢木螺钉

If you’re looking for a good all-purpose wood screw to keep on hand, consider the #8 x 1-¼” Silver Star Stainless Steel Wood Screw. It is made of 305 stainless steel, which is rated for use with pressure-treated lumber. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, it’s made to endure harsh weather, high moisture, and coastal areas. The T20 Torx head connects securely to the driver, almost eliminating cam-out—the process of the driver slipping off the screw while you’re working which can lead to damaging the screw or screwdriver. Self-countersinking nibs and a knurled shoulder make for easier, cleaner installation. This screw is available in three lengths: 1-¼, 1-½, and 2 inches.


The Best Wood Screw Option: FastenMaster FMGD003-75 GuardDog Exterior Wood Screw

对于外部建筑项目,FastenMaster FMGD003-75 Guarddog外观木螺钉是一个绝佳的选择。它是一种多用途外木螺钉,可用于处理过的木材,如压力处理的ACQ,雪松和红木。多功能头部风格可以安装#2平方驾驶员,菲利普斯驱动器位或Pozisquare驱动器位(包括在每个方框中)。锋利的线程很快啮合并穿透木材,以便快速简便。有五个长度的1-⅝,2,2-½,3和3½英寸。

Best Phillips Head

The Best Wood Screw Option: Bolt Dropper #8 X 1-1 2'' Stainless Phillips Screw

Phillips head screws were invented in the 1930s as the first upgrade over slotted screws. They are still widely used in both manual-driven and power tool-driven applications. Bolt Dropper #8 x 1-½” Stainless Phillips Wood Screws are made of corrosion- and rust-resistant 304 stainless steel for excellent durability outdoors, in wet environments, and in pressure-treated lumber. A deep-cut Phillips head drive helps prevent stripping out the head. Deep, coarse threads increase gripping power, especially in softwoods. These screws have a fully threaded shank that will not overtighten, protecting delicate connections from damage.


The Best Wood Screw Option SNUG Fasteners #8 x 1-5 8 Fence & Deck Screws

梅花头被认为是the most secure drive application for use with power tools. The star shape distributes torque over more surface area so added power does not strip the head. It also reduces cam-out, meaning the driver is less likely to slip off the screw while you’re working. SNUG Fasteners #8 x 1-⅝” Fence & Deck Screws make fast work of installing decking and fence pickets by incorporating the Torx head. Bugle-shaped heads with countersinking nibs allow for better head concealment. They also feature a corrosion-resistant, Ultra-Guard tan coating for durability in treated lumber and wet environments.


The Best Wood Screw Option: Power Pro Hillman 48594 Premium Exterior Wood Screw

压力处理的木材的化学品导致普通钢螺钉的腐蚀,可导致结构故障。使用经过处理过的木材时,最好选择高档304,305或316不锈钢螺钉或专门涂层的木螺钉,这些螺钉设计用于处理处理的木材。Power Pro Hillman 48594 Premium Outliual Wood螺钉是外部木螺钉,可在压力处理的木材应用中擅长,如装饰和一般户外建筑。环氧树脂涂层的青铜饰面在户外,在压力处理的木材和咸水环境中提供卓越的耐腐蚀性。这些螺钉具有无条带星形驱动器,截至刀片,无分离捻柄和无倾斜钻孔螺纹。该包装包括T-20驱动器位。


最好的木螺钉选项:螺栓滴剂#8 x 1-1 4不锈钢甲板螺钉

Stainless steel screws offer corrosion resistance comparable to coated screws, but with a look that works with both interior and exterior applications. Most of these screws are made with 304 or 305 stainless steel, which works very well for natural wood and pressure-treated lumber. Bolt Dropper #8 x 1-¼” Stainless Deck Screws are made with 305 stainless steel, with an extra-hard head to resist stripping. The point is self tapping, so no pilot hole is needed, even in hardwoods. The square drive head reduces cam-out for faster installation. Available in #8, #10, and #12 diameters, and lengths of 1-¼, 1-½, 1-⅝, 1-¾, 2, 2-½, and 3 inches.

Best Extra Long


如果您需要更长的覆盖范围,请#14 x 8“金星木螺丝可以完成工作。它采用热处理钢和三涂层的黄色锌多功能涂层,用于所有气候和环境中的优异强度和耐腐蚀性,包括在压力处理的木材中使用。安全的TORX驱动头可减少凸轮输出并允许最大驱动力。缺口,超尖点降低了对硬木的需求。粗螺纹设计需要更少的扭矩驱动并提供最大的保持电源。自我柜台孔和滚花肩部允许更清洁,更容易安装。在5-,6-,7-,8-,10-,12-和14英寸长的#14和#15直径中可用。