A UV light sterilizer can kill germs, viruses, and bacteria. Bring germ-fighting technology into your home with these health-conscious tools.



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紫外线灭菌器利用UVC光线的力量杀死微生物,包括病毒和细菌。便携式紫外线灭菌器将这种技术带到您家中。这种技术声称杀死各种细菌,病毒和细菌来消毒电话,wallets, credit cards,钥匙, and more.

牢记安全when using a UV lightsterilizer:切勿在皮肤上使用它们,不要看光线。足够强的UVC灯杀死细菌也可以损害皮肤和眼睛。最好的紫外线灭菌器是独立的,以防止任何暴露于皮肤或眼睛。值得注意的是,UV光灭菌器在光滑,干净和无孔表面上最佳工作;它们不能穿透污垢,油脂或灰尘或灰尘或碎屑。

Consumer UV light sterilizers are not yet widely regulated. For this reason, it’s best to choose products that are third-party tested or certified.


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Our Top Picks

UVC light is proven to kill several types of germs and bacteria. But consumer UV light sterilizers aren’t held to the same safety and efficacy standards as medical models. For this reason, the following top picks are self-contained products, which means they reduce the chance of hazardous UV exposure. Each product has undergone third-party testing or certification.

Best Overall

最佳紫外线灭菌器选项:59S智能手机UV-C LED S2的UVC消毒器
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This useful sterilizing box takes only 3 minutes to disinfect small items. It fits more than just your smartphone, but it is not too large or bulky. 59S recommends this device for sanitizing phones, glasses, keys, beauty tools, watches, and more. It’s an ideal pick to sanitize a range of germy everyday items.

This sanitizing box emits UVC light in the 260- to 280-nanometer range for proper disinfection. Inside the box are eight UVC LED light chips that offer 360-degree disinfection. Since it uses LED technology, this sanitizing box contains no mercury or ozone.

The lights automatically switch off when you open the cover, protecting you from UV exposure. This sanitizing box is FCC and EPA certified. This unit measures 8.5 inches by 4.1 inches by 2.8 inches.

Best Bang For The Buck

最好的紫外线灭菌器选项:Homedics Sunitizer Bag便携式UV光消毒器
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It takes only 1 minute to sanitize everyday objects like phones, watches, wallets, remotes, and more. This product includes interchangeable platforms and phone clips, and these fit in the bottom of the bag to hold the item and ensure optimal UV exposure. The zippered top keeps harmful UV rays inside while sanitizing and a safety magnet closure prevents the zipper from slipping open.

HoMedics’ UV Clean technology is third-party validated to kill up to 99.9 percent of commonly found bacteria and germs. This sterilizer device uses LED lighting to keep this product free of mercury and chemicals. The HoMedics pouch measures 4.1 inches by 3 inches by 8 inches to fit a range of small items.

Best For Smartphones

最好的紫外线灭菌器选项:PHONESOAP 3 UV智能手机消毒器和充电器
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This phone sanitizer features aUSB和USB-C端口,所以你手机充电时的s sanitizing. This device fits any smartphone, including larger models like the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S10+.

This device has a sleek style and comes in a variety of colors. It is thoughtfully designed to fit next to your bed, on the kitchen counter, or on your desk. The product measures 8.5 by 5 by .75 inches, and the interior dimensions are 6.8 inches by 3.74 inches by 0.78 inches.

Best Multi-Purpose

最好的紫外线灭菌器选项:珊瑚紫外线3合1 UVC灭菌器和烘干机
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Best Bag

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The 59S UV Light Sanitizer Bag blends the large size of a sanitizing box with the portability of a sanitizing bag. This product weighs only 1.36 ounces and has a handle for easy carrying. The bag has a UV leak-proof zipper closure with a smart sensor that automatically turns off the light if the bag is opened. The front of the bag has a one-touch power button that activates the three-minute disinfection cycle.

在袋子里面,不锈钢保持架和反射内部确保了从所有角度消毒。袋子内部有24个LED UVC灯,它是无汞和臭氧的。灯在260至280纳米的有效波长下消毒。


Best For Larger Device

最好的紫外线灭菌器Option: PhoneSoap HomeSoap UV Sanitizer
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HomeSoap is PhoneSoap’s advanced disinfection chamber made for larger electronics. The interior chamber measures 13.17 inches by 3.43 inches by 9.13 inches to fit laptops, tablets, remotes, gaming devices, and more. Although it is designed with electronics in mind, it can sanitize any item that fits inside.

This upgraded model includes an on and off switch to toggle between automatic and manual modes. It is equipped withUSBand USB-C ports inside the chamber so you can charge devices while sanitizing. The two powerful UVC lights and patented inner reflection chamber provide 360-degree disinfection in 10 minutes.


Best Pocket-Size

最好的紫外线灭菌器Option: HoMedics UV Clean Phone UV Light Sterilizer
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The UV Clean Phone UV Light Sterilizer from HoMedics has a unique pop-up design. When you’re ready to sanitize, expand the patented pop-up top, which contains two mercury-free LED UV lights. The top collapses flat when you’re done sanitizing, making this device super portable and easy to store. This sanitizer is rechargeable and offers up 70 cleaning cycles per charge.




最好的紫外线灭菌器Option: PhoneSoap Pro UV Smartphone Sanitizer
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PHONESOAP的Pro UV Smartphone Sanitizer是从他们的常规模型的一步。它包括所有独特的Phonesoap功能,如时尚设计和USB和USB-C充电端口。反射专利的室内装饰从各个角度消毒您的手机。但是通过PHONESOAP PRO,您可以在自动和手动消毒模式之间切换。该设备还在标准PHONESOAP设备的时间的5分钟内杀死细菌。

The PhoneSoap Pro interior dimensions are 7.13 inches by 4.38 inches by 0.72 inches. This device is designed for phones but will clean any item that fits inside, including keys, credit cards, and watches.