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Electronic devices tend to include a USBcharging cablethat’s only a few feet long. These standard cables may not provide enough room to maneuver your mouse or plug in your game controller so it reaches the couch. Perhaps you’re tired of blindly searching for a USB port behind the television or having to crawl under your desk to plug in a device. The best USB extension cable makes these pain points obsolete—when a USB-powered device lacks reach, these cables come to the rescue.

USB设备非常棒,因此您可以插入和拔下它们而无需关闭主机设备。这些电缆连接各种外围设备 - 例如您的键盘,打印机,闪存驱动器,智能手机以及更多 - 用于快速安全数据传输的计算机。

This guide will dive into a variety of factors to consider as you choose the best USB extension cable for your particular needs and then explore a selection of some of the top-rated products on the market today for providing that essential extra reach.

  1. BEST OVERALL:一种INOPE 10FT USB 3.0 Extension Cable
  2. RUNNER-UP:ITD itanda 10ft USB延长电缆
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK:亚马逊基础知识USB 3.0延长电缆
  4. 耐久性挑选:NIMASO USB 3.0 Extension Cable 2 Pack
  5. BEST SET:USB 3.0 Extension Cable, Besgoods 4-Pack Colors

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best USB Extension Cable

所有USB扩展电缆都有自己的能力。选择USB扩展电缆以同时充电并使用您的设备,请考虑计算机的位置或USB wall outlet所以你选择一个有足够达到的电缆。为避免在计算机中收取充电端口,请考虑一个charging stationorUSB hub为确保您可以在给定时刻使用所需的所有设备。



当寻找一个USB延长线,长est available item isn’t necessarily the right one for you. The longer the cable, the lower the speed and power that goes to the device. The signal strength between the host and peripheral device is more effective with a shorter distance between them. If you only require a 3-foot extension, you’ll receive more power from a 3-foot cable instead of one that’s 10 feet long.

USB standards indicate that extension cables for USB 2.0 can only reliably transfer data approximately 16 feet. For USB extension cables 3.0 and beyond, there isn’t an actual maximum outlined in USB standards; however, the signal starts to degrade after about 10 feet. If a USB cable doesn’t reach far enough, then you’ll need to invest in a longer cable; it’s not recommended to directly connect one cable to another to acquire a longer distance.


When purchasing a new USB extension cable, you expect it to last. Bending tests, interior shielding, a cable jacket, and gold plating all increase the durability of a cable and help it to last a long time.

  • Many manufacturers performbending testson their cables by repeatedly flexing the cable at the joint to see how it holds up. The higher the bend count, the stronger the cable. Some USB extension cables can withstand over 20,000 bends.
  • 内部屏蔽uses a thin layer of copper or aluminum around the wire to enhance the strength of the cable.
  • 一种电缆夹克is the outside of the cable that helps protect the core from mechanical stress and other elements. Thicker PVC jackets or braided nylon jackets may offer more strength and protection of the cable’s core.
  • Gold platingon the cable connectors helps resist corrosion because it doesn’t react with oxygen in the atmosphere.


Signal strength may be influenced by the length, type, and quality of a cable. USB standards are quite demanding in terms of signal quality, helping ensure that manufacturers are making extension cables that efficiently and clearly transmit signals between the host and peripheral device. Two features that enhance signal strength are a gold-plated finish and repeaters.

  • 镀金在USB连接器上提供可靠性和耐用性。黄金是一个优秀的指挥,一些专家认为,此功能可提高信号质量。
  • Repeatersin extra-long cables boost signal transmission. They actively fix and strengthen digital data so it can travel farther distances without interference.

数据传输的速度和质量也受电缆的限制。三个最常见的USB扩展电缆是USB 2.0,USB 3.0和USB 3.1。

  • USB 2.0正在变得日期,因为它不再内置于新设备。此类电缆上的数据传输速率最多为480 Mbps。
  • USB 3.0在许多现代设备上找到。它将数据转移到5 Gbps,超过10倍超过USB 2.0。
  • USB 3.1is the upgraded version of USB 3.0 with a transfer rate of 10 Gbps. Both USB 3.1 and 3.0 may have backward compatibility with USB devices made before 3.0 was developed.


USB extension cables need to connect to both the host and peripheral devices using USB-A, USB-B, Mini-USB, or USB-C connectors.


  • 这most commonly used USB connector
  • 一种flat, rectangular interface that holds the connection in place by friction
  • Used for the upstream connection toward the host device
  • USB 2.0,3.0和3.1使用标准类型-A连接器


  • Not as common as other types of USB cables
  • Used on some USB peripheral devices
  • Squarish shape with slightly beveled corners on the top ends
  • Uses friction to hold the connector in place
  • Mostly used to connect external hard drives, printers, and similar devices with computers


  • 具有四边形中心的较小设备的较小连接
  • Used for connecting mobile devices, including phones, cameras, and portable game consoles
  • Can share data in either direction


  • Symmetrical design that can be plugged into a USB-C device using either end
  • Commonly paired with USB-A and USB-B
  • 常用于USB 3.0和3.1的较小端口
  • 增强的电源传递和高速数据转移最多10 Gbps

Connectors on each type of USB may be angled rather than flush with the cable. Angled connectors enable users to connect a USB cable in tight spaces. The head may not come straight out of the top of the wire and instead connects at 90 degrees. Connectors may be up, down, right, or left. It fits into a port with the USB symbol facing up.


一种s USB cables can be plugged in or unplugged when a host device is on, the current rushes into the cable right away. Overcurrent protection limits the amount of current that the peripheral device can draw from the host device or hub. USB protocol and other standards require overcurrent protection for USB devices.

Back voltage protection prevents damage to power supplies and electronics if the input and output terminals accidentally receive the wrong power supply connection. As the input voltage is higher than the output voltage, it creates an issue if the cable connects the wrong way. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is implemented into the design of hosts and devices to ensure that they are not adversely influenced by current spikes that occur when devices are plugged in.




最好的USB延长电缆选项:10FT USB 3.0延长电缆型男性延长线
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“Durable” and “reliable” describe AINOPE’s 10-foot USB 3.0 extension cable. Suited for modern gadgets but backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 standard devices, this cable powers older electronics, too. Expect this extension cable to last a long time with a proven 20,000-plus bend test and a reinforced cable joint. Inside, there are multiple layers of shielding to minimize interference for a clear signal.

Plug this extension cable into the host and peripheral devices with gold-plated connectors for quick and stable data transmission. Surrounding the cable’s all-metal shell is a strong and flexible braided nylon jacket that comes in black, gray, or red. This jacket offers enhanced protection, even if the cable is carelessly tossed into a bag—or it can be neatly organized with the included sticky buckle.


这最佳USB扩展电缆选项: 10FT USB Extension Cable USB 3.0 Extension Cord Type A Male to Female
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当它做得很好时,长电缆变得更好,这是来自ITD Itanda的10英尺USB延长电缆的情况。超越10,000加弯曲试验并使用加强接头,该电缆可以处理重复的堵塞和拔出设备。USB 3.0连接器提供高达5 Gbps的快速传输速度,具有清晰的信号,可稳定传输。对于较旧的电子设备,此延长电缆向后兼容USB 2.0,1.1和1.0标准设备。

Cased in an aluminum shell and wrapped in a tangle-free nylon-braided jacket, this gray cable can be thrown into backpacks or drawers without concern. To keep the cable neat and tidy, use the included sticky bundle to wrap it for carrying or storage.


这最佳USB扩展电缆选项: Amazon Basics USB 3.0 Extension Cable
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没有必要为高性能的USB延长电缆支付很多钱。来自亚马逊基础知识的9.8英尺的项目是一个简单的黑色延长电缆。电缆比可比较品牌便宜,电缆采用耐腐蚀的镀金连接器,为用户提供清晰信号的经验和屏蔽电磁和无线电频率引起的噪声。高达5 Gbps,它跟上其他更昂贵的电缆的转移速度。USB 3.0电缆也可以轻松连接USB 2.0器件,使老电子产品保持过于早期。虽然它缺乏其他电缆的尼龙夹克,但厚的钢丝壳在很长一段时间内保持艰难。


最佳USB延长电缆选项:USB 3.0延长电缆2包
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Some households put cables through their paces, wearing out joints by continuously plugging and unplugging devices. These NIMASO extension cables offer long-lasting toughness in many of their features. The convenient two-pack includes a 3.3-foot cable and a 6.6-foot cable so users can choose the right length for their space. As for toughness, these cables have surpassed over 20,000 bending and plugging tests, and they feature an enhanced cable joint design to stay strong even with daily use.

Multiple layers of shielding minimize interference, and these layers are covered in aluminum casing and a gray braided-nylon jacket, making the cables durable inside and out. USB 3.0’s fast charge and data syncing also make these cables quick, but they can support Power Delivery fast-charge technology as well if the device adapter supports it. Compatible with all USB-A devices, they are also backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 standard devices.

Best Set

这最佳USB扩展电缆选项: USB 3.0 Extension Cable
Photo: amazon.com

许多家庭是小工具的集合s that require a USB charge for the battery or use. Besgoods’ set of four USB 3.0 extension cables keeps devices organized, and each cable is a different color—black, gray, blue, and rose—so every family member can own a unique cable.

这se 6-foot extension cables contain nine transfer wires wrapped in tinned copper, maximizing the signal quality and providing error-free transmission. The cable’s quality interior is housed inside a double-braided nylon jacket for protection and longevity. Gold-plated connectors offer maximum conductivity without losing signal quality; they fit snugly and they’re easy to plug and unplug from USB 3.0 and 2.0 devices.


Though it seems like a simple purchase, there are details to consider before selecting the best USB extension cable for your needs—and questions to ask before clicking “add to cart.” Read on to discover several of the most frequently asked questions and answers about purchasing a USB extension cable.

Q. What is a USB extension cord?

Sometimes devices need a bit more reach for the best accessibility and use. A USB extension cord provides users with a longer cable to charge or use a variety of electronic devices.

Q. Are all USB extension cables the same?

No. Though many USB 3.0 devices are backward compatible with older cables, this is not a guarantee. Check the connection type of your device before selecting a USB extension cable to ensure it’s compatible.

Q. How long can you run a USB extension cable?

推荐的最大长度为一个USB扩展cable is approximately 16 feet.

问:上传和下载速度是否与USB 3.0不同?

是的。USB 3.0提供的数据传输速度超过USB 2.0的速度超过10倍。