最好的运动Blankets for Protecting Furniture and More in Transit


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Best Moving Blanket Options

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Moving out of your home tends to include somehidden costs, plus a lot of chaotic packing, taping, and loading before the moving truck pulls away from the old home. When it arrives at the new residence, all the work that was just done needs to be undone in a semi-organized way. Without moving blankets to cushion furniture, appliances, and other fragile items, however, your items may be damaged as the items shift, rub against, and crash into one another in the back of the moving truck.

Moving blankets are designed to reduce the movement of larger objects—and cushion the impact if items do collide or fall while in transit. These coverings prevent furniture and appliances from moving against one another and scratching their wood, metal, or plastic surfaces. Deciding on the best moving blanket for your next move can be difficult, but learning about important shopping considerations, such as the size and thickness of the blanket and whether waterproofing is necessary, can make the job—and the move—a lot easier. Begin your reconnaissance here with these recommendations for the best moving blankets to protect your belongings while in transit.

  1. 总体上最好:Sure-Max 12 Moving & Packing Blankets – Pro Economy
  2. 巴克最好的爆炸:uBoxes Moving Blankets – Textile Skins – (12 Pack)
  3. BEST LIGHTWEIGHT:New Haven 1 Dozen Textile Moving Blankets
  4. BEST HIGH VISIBILITY:Forearm Forklift FFMB6全尺寸中等重量被子
Best Moving Blanket Options

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Moving Blanket




绝大多数超大的毯子测量72英寸80 inches. Blankets of this size are useful for wrapping washers, dryers, large flat-screen televisions, and dressers. Smaller moving blankets—these typically measure 72 inches by 40 inches, or thereabouts—are appropriate for wrapping end tables, lamps, and other small, fragile items.


Moving blankets are typically made with nonwoven fabric, polyester, or woven cotton.

  • Nonwoven fabricsor textiles are used to make moving blankets that are typically lower quality than blankets made of other materials. These moving blankets are held together by chemical, mechanical, heat, or solvent treatments and are usually constructed of cotton, wool, or felt.
  • Polyester移动毯通常具有聚丙烯缝合以增加移动毯的耐用性。这些产品可以从轻质到重型税率。他们添加的填充物也使它们舒适地为其他用途,例如在汽车下工作时躺在一体上。
  • Woven cottonis a thick, heavy material that is excellent protection for any objects the moving blanket covers. While woven cotton moving blankets aren’t quite as durable as those made of polyester, they do surpass blankets made of nonwoven fabrics by a significant margin. Another benefit of woven cotton is that its soft material is more forgiving than the scratchy feeling of polyester.

Thickness and Weight

移动毯子通常由其重量进行分类和标记。较重的移动毯子是,它越厚 - 并且它更有效地保护它缠绕的物品。移动毛毯的常见重量测量是LB / DZ,其占据了每隔起的磅。如果毯子的包装被标记为36磅/ DZ,那么很明显,每个移动的毯子重约3磅。

移动的毯子应该足够厚,以便在不滑动或撕裂的情况下正确保护物品包装胶布. While lightweight blankets can be as thin as 0.125 inches, heavy-duty blankets can be over 1 inch thick. Those who desire very thick moving blankets should look for products with a weight of over 50 lb/dz.

Safety Features


  • High-visibility moving blankets具有鲜艳的边缘或整个侧面,设计具有充满活力,易于看的颜色,如黄色,橙色或红色。这些难以杀的毯子在夜间移动期间是有用的,因此有人不能用整齐包裹的灯或智能家居设备走开。
  • Water resistance在移动毯子中是一种常见的品质,尽管很少有很少的防水。防水毯经常缺乏其他种类的移动毯子,所以除非预计移动的卡车穿过洪水,涤纶和聚丙烯移动毯可能就足够了。涤纶毯可以摧毁雨水,而物品正在从卡车上装载并卸下。
  • Grommetsare small metal rings that are attached to the corners and edges of a moving blanket. They can be used to secure the blanket to the wall of the moving truck or to an object. They’re also useful because rope can be looped through them, preventing objects from moving and sliding during transit.




Storage Space


  • Soundproofingis a great use for these blankets. Soundproof rooms by hanging moving blankets on the walls of the room to dampen and absorb sound waves.
  • Pet beddingis another viable choice that gives any furry friends a new place to relax, though you probably wouldn’t use more than a few blankets for this purpose.
  • Drop clothsare used to protect the floor and objects from paint, dust, and debris. After a move, these blankets make great drop cloths to complete the inevitable home painting projects that occur over the first few months of living in a new home.
  • Campingoften involves lying on jagged, uneven ground, unless there is an air mattress, heavy-duty sleeping bag, or a few moving blankets to add a layer of padding to the tent or sleep space.

Our Top Picks

The following products are among the best moving blankets on the market in terms of quality, features, and value. The shopping considerations noted above will help you determine which of these top products might be the best moving blanket for your next move.

Best Overall

最好的运动Blanket Options: Sure-Max 12 Moving & Packing Blankets
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Sure-Max的十几款移动毛毯由厚,棉花击球,并与涤纶一起编织。聚酯以锯齿形图案缝合以将棉花固定到位,加强的双锁定针脚增加了毯子的耐久性和抗撕裂性。所有12个毯子都称重35LB / DZ,具有约2.75磅的单重重量。

The oversize moving blankets measure 80 inches by 72 inches and are designed to protect furniture, appliances, and other valuables from scratches, nicks, dents, dirt, and moisture. While the blankets are not waterproof, they are water resistant, ensuring that belongings will be safe if they’re loading into the truck in the rain. These blankets are not machine washable and should only be washed by hand. Also, avoid putting them in a tumble dryer because it can loosen the blankets’ stitching.

Best Bang For the Buck

最好的毯子选项:Uboxes移动毯子 - 纺织皮肤
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uBoxes’ moving blankets measure 54 inches by 72 inches and are soft to the touch on both sides, so they’re more than suitable for protecting sensitive wooden furniture that would be scratched by rougher materials. On the downside, however, these moving blankets are not durable enough for more than a couple of moves.

Best Lightweight

最好的运动Blanket Options: New Haven 1 Dozen Textile Moving Blankets
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Lightweight moving blankets, like this 12-pack of New Haven moving blankets, are useful for protecting boxes, wrapping leather furniture, and keeping sensitive wooden furniture safe during a move or while in storage. The textile moving blankets are made of a blend of polyethylene, nylon, and plastic, with a soft feel on both sides that won’t scratch or damage items if the blankets shift. Note, however, that they are not water resistant and shouldn’t be expected to protect belongings from rain.

These moving blankets are an economical option that can lower the cost of a move. Each measures 54 inches by 72 inches, weighs about 1.6 pounds, and can be secured by being tucked in or held in place with straps. After a move, these blankets would make terrific pet bedding.

Best High Visibility

最佳移动的毯子选项:Forearm Forklift FFMB6全尺寸介质
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The hour at which a house move is scheduled depends on many variables, including when a truck can be rented; when movers, friends, or family are available; or when an elevator can be reserved for an apartment move. It isn’t surprising, then, that some moves do take place in the evening hours. Using these high-visibility moving blankets from Forearm Forklift helps movers keep track of belongings while they are being moved into the truck so that nothing is left behind in the dark.

这款六包装的重型运动毯重量为45.6磅/ DZ,或每毯子3.8磅。每个毯子在一侧有非织造黑色聚丙烯,另一侧是明亮的橙色编织聚酯,使毯子在暗淡条件下易于看到。它们达到72英寸,距离双缝线和布料在所有边缘上的绑定,这增加了它们的耐用性。如果遵循制造商的洗涤说明,这些移动的毯子可以是机器洗涤。

FAQs About Moving Blankets


Q. How thick are moving blankets?

Moving blankets range considerably in thickness. Lightweight moving blankets may measure no more than 0.125 inches thick, and heavy-duty blankets can exceed 1 inch in thickness.

Q. Are moving blankets waterproof?

Moving blankets are not usually waterproof. However, because many are made with water-resistant materials like polypropylene, polyester, and polyethylene, they can helpkeep the items safe during a rainy move.

Q. How many moving blankets do I need?

The number of moving blankets needed for a move can be roughly determined by calculating one dozen moving blankets for every 5 feet of space in the moving truck. However, this estimate may need to be increased or decreased depending on the items being moved.


Q. Can moving blankets be washed?

Most moving blankets can be washed, but it depends on the specific product. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations before washing to know whether it’s advisable to launder the moving blanket. Also, verify if it can be washed in a washing machine or whether the moving blanket needs to be washed by hand.