The Best Mosquito Traps for DIY Pest Control

Need help in keeping the biting insects at bay? Add one of these mosquito-deterrent devices to your pest-control program.


Best Mosquito Trap


Controlling the mosquito population on your property is not only a matter of comfort, but also of health: These miserable adversaries cause skin irritation and itching, and they also spread deadly diseases like malaria, West Nile virus, and Zika virus. Using ahigh-quality mosquito repellentis the most effective way to protect yourself from being bitten, but you can take additional measures to reduce the number of mosquitoes on and around your property. One such measure is the mosquito trap.

蚊子陷阱模仿mosqu的存在ito host, such as a human or large animal. In doing so, they lure mosquitoes into a deadly trap, so the bugs can’t bite people or spread disease. We’ve rounded up the best mosquito traps to keep your family and your property safe. Read on to learn the factors we considered when choosing the best traps and the advantages and disadvantages of our top picks.

  1. BEST OVERALL:DynaTrap DT2000XL Extra-Large Insect Trap
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK:Tysonir Electric Bug Zapper
  3. BEST WALL-MOUNTED:Faicuk WS108 Wall Sconce Fly Light Trap
  4. BEST STICKY TRAP:FENUN Sticky Glue Boards
  5. 最好的紫外线:TOLOCO Zap T360 Pro
  6. BEST FOR OUTDOORS:DynaTrap DT1260-TUN Insect and Mosquito Trap
  7. BEST FOR INDOORS:Katchy室内昆虫陷阱
  8. BEST PORTABLE:DynaTrap DT3019 Indoor Insect and Mosquito Trap
Best Mosquito Trap


Types of Mosquito Traps

Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that humans and animals exhale and the body heat that’s produced. A mosquito trap uses several different ways to mimic the presence of a large, warm-blooded creature to attract and capture mosquitoes.


Mosquitoes are attracted to the heat that emanates from humans and other warm-blooded animals. An effective trap produces a thermal heat plume that mimics the presence of an animal. When a mosquito gets close, the trap’s intake fan pulls it in.

Ultraviolet Light

许多插件蚊子陷阱具有紧凑型荧光或LED UV照明。与其他昆虫不同,蚊子单独吸引紫外线。然而,UV光提高了热量和二氧化碳在蚊子陷阱中的影响。具有UV灯的陷阱通常比没有它们的那些更有效。




To a mosquito, the presence of carbon dioxide is the primary clue that a meal is nearby. Some mosquito traps use plumes of carbon dioxide, whether it’s exhaust from burning propane or a compressed gas cylinder, to attract the insects. The plumes mimic a human’s exhaled breath, which attracts blood-feeding mosquitoes looking for a meal.

Standing water is a breeding habitat, and it should be eliminated in the landscape whenever possible. However, water also can serve as a trap for mosquitoes. AddMosquito Bits观鸟,景观池塘和其他水分。这是一种杀死蚊子幼虫的天然幼虫,但这对人,养宠物,青蛙,鱼和其他水生动物安全。



What to Consider When Choosing the Best Mosquito Trap

Whether your mosquito problem is indoors or out, in a large area or a small one, a mosquito trap is available. Keep reading to learn more about the criteria used to select the best mosquito traps for different situations.


Mosquito traps cannot guarantee that the mosquitoes won’t bite. A trap is most effective when used as part of a broader mosquito control program that includes habitat modification, physical barriers like window screens and clothing, insect repellents, and more. Before buying a mosquito trap, understand how it functions and its limitations. Ask these kinds of questions: How does the trap collect mosquitoes? How much area does it cover? How is it powered? Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions for setup and maintenance. Indoor mosquito traps may be ineffective for outdoor use, and outdoor traps placed in the wrong location may even make your mosquito problem worse.

Types of Mosquitoes

As of 2020, at least 176 mosquito species are known to exist in the United States. Each species acts on a unique set of visual, thermal, and scent cues to seek and find a blood meal. For this reason, different traps are designed to appeal to different mosquito species, but the reasons are not entirely clear. Though these devices are capable of capturing a variety of mosquitoes, trap manufacturers rarely provide data as to the success of their traps in attracting and eliminating specific species.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Use

Outdoor traps use carbon dioxide and heat—and sometimes light—to attract mosquitoes. Some traps also use scents meant to mimic human scent. Many outdoor mosquito traps capture a large quantity of insects inside a screened chamber where they dessicate, or dry out, until the chamber is emptied.



The length of time a propane mosquito trap can run has everything to do with the size of the propane cylinder. A small tank of propane (the size that attaches to a gas grill) can run a propane mosquito trap around the clock for about three weeks. Every time you refill the propane tank, remember to stay abreast with the other aspects of an outdoor trap’s maintenance, such as replacing scent attractants, emptying the collection chamber, and cleaning the vents.

Indoor traps also must be cleaned and emptied regularly. Glue boards inside most indoor traps last up to 30 days. Ultraviolet lamp bulbs last for approximately 3,000 hours, or for about four months, of continuous use.

Ease of Use

An electric mosquito trap is easy to set up and use: Just plug it in and turn it on. As mentioned, it requires the regular replacement of glue boards, cleaning of collection chambers and vents, and the occasional replacement of UV bulbs. These tasks are simple and take just minutes to perform, and they are easy to remember because they happen at regular intervals.



Some traps are designed to be set up and used in a single location. Wall units and some of the larger electric traps, for instance, must be positioned close to an electrical outlet. On the other hand, mosquito traps with USB adapters are easily moved around because they may be powered from a charger hub that is plugged into the wall or with a portable powerpack. Although their weight and bulk make them a bit more challenging to reposition on a whim, propane mosquito traps can be set up just about anywhere.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall


Dynatrap DT200XL可以减少蚊子群,尺寸高达1英亩的性质。它插入标准的110V电源插座,每天静静地运行24小时。二氧化碳从二氧化钛表面散发,以及收集室内的有机物质的脱气。来自两个灯泡的温暖和紫外线吸引蚊子到上部外壳。一个安静的风扇将昆虫拉入金属保留笼中,在那里它们干燥并在不烧烤或嗡嗡声的情况下死亡。它也很容易维护:只需扭转挡住笼并清空其内容。



Best Mosquito Trap Electric

The Tysonir Electric Bug Zapper uses heat and ultraviolet light from its 15W Blue-ray bulb to attract mosquitoes and a variety of other bugs. Its 4200V electric shock grid, which is surrounded by a protective ABS plastic housing, quickly kills bugs. This unit plugs into a standard 110V-household power outlet. It’s rated for both indoor and outdoor use in all kinds of weather. Hang the lantern-style housing by the metal hang loop or set it on a solid surface. The Tysonir’s coverage area is 860 square feet. Simply unscrew the threaded base for quick cleanup.

为达到最佳效果,制造商推荐使用g this device in a dark room or an unlit outdoor area.

Best Wall-Mounted

Best Mosquito Trap Faicuk

The Faicuk WS108 attracts mosquitoes and other flying insects with an 8W ultraviolet lamp. The trap’s reflective inner surface boosts the light’s intensity. It has a 5-foot power cord that plugs into a standard 110V household electrical outlet, and it operates quietly with no buzzing, zapping, or fan noise. The glue board collection system captures bugs efficiently, and it’s easy to replace when needed (the unit comes with six replacement glue boards). It covers about 900 square feet or a semicircle area with a 25-foot radius.


Best Mosquito Trap FENUN

A package of FENUN Sticky Glue Boards includes 10 replacement sticky pads. The round 4.33-inch glue boards fit inside the collection baskets of most adhesive mosquito traps. To use them, remove the protective cover on the adhesive side of the board and lay the glue board (sticky-side up) in a trap’s collection basket. Each glue board lasts up to four weeks, but it will need to be replaced sooner if it traps a lot of bugs. These replacement boards are not intended to be used outside a mosquito trap.

Best Ultraviolet

Best Mosquito Trap TOLOCO

The TOLOCO Zap T360 Pro has a 5W ultraviolet light that attracts mosquitoes and other biting insects; the light can be set to one of seven UV wavelengths to attract mosquitoes of specific species. The trap also uses simulated human body heat to enhance trapping ability. A quiet fan pulls bugs into the collection basket where they are held on a sticky glue board. This trap is equipped with a 4-foot USB power cord and adapter that plugs into a standard 110V household electrical outlet or a portable USB power source. It comes with five replacement glue boards, which must be replaced in the trap every 30 to 60 days.


Best Mosquito Trap TrapPole

The DynaTrap DT1260-TUN uses light, heat, and carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes from up to ½ acre away. It plugs into a standard 110V household electrical outlet and operates quietly. The titanium dioxide surface releases a carbon dioxide plume that attracts mosquitoes and emits warmth and ultraviolet light from two bulbs in the upper housing. A quiet fan draws nearby bugs into the metal retaining cage, where they dehydrate and die without noisy electrical zapping or buzzing. The capture basket twists off for easy cleaning. This free-standing mosquito trap is 44 inches high when mounted on the included lantern pole.

根据制造商,在恒定的歌剧tion, it takes about three weeks to capture enough mosquitoes to notice a difference on your property. It takes about six weeks to disrupt the mosquito breeding cycle.

Best for Indoors

Best Mosquito Trap KATCHY

The KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap uses UV light to attract mosquitoes and other insects. Place the trap near the source of the insects (a trash bin, for example) and its quiet fan will draw the bugs into the capture basket and onto a sticky glue board. Run this unit day and night, and you should see fewer bugs within about three days. Both the light and fan are powered by a USB cable that plugs into a wall adapter or a portable USB power source. This electric mosquito trap is also compatible with scent attractants.

Best Portable

Best Mosquito Trap Indoor

Dynatrap DT3019仅略大于电动出口盖,这使得随着需要易于移动。它直接插入墙壁插座,它包括两个内置的交流电插座,可插入其他设备。从三种不同的型号中选择,这是另一个仅仅是插件(没有交流渠道),或具有两个交流电插座和两个USB端口的版本。该模型使用暖紫外光来吸引飞虫,谨慎地捕获隐藏在装饰盖背后的粘性胶卡上。可更换的胶卡持续30至60天。这款蚊子陷阱适合室内使用,涵盖高达600平方英尺。

FAQ About Your New Mosquito Trap

Get the most out of your new mosquito trap. Read on to learn more about owning, operating, and maintaining mosquito traps for the best possible results.

Q. How do mosquito traps work?

Mosquito traps use various attractants, such as warmth, carbon dioxide, and ultraviolet light, to draw in mosquitoes. Many of these traps employ powerful fans to pull mosquitoes from the nearby air space into collection chambers. Inside the collection chamber, the mosquitoes are contained inside by the force of the fan’s air or a glue trap.


Mosquito traps are safe for pets and humans when used as directed.

Q. Do mosquito traps attract more mosquitoes?


Q. Do I need any extras (fuel, insecticide, etc.) when buying a mosquito trap?

Propane-powered mosquito traps require fuel initially, and they must be refueled approximately every three weeks. Traps that use glue boards come with boards for the initial setup, but these boards must be replaced every month or so. Replace ultraviolet light bulbs about every four months.