There have been some major advancements in mattress design in recent years, from more eco-conscious materials to pinpointing sleepers’ specific needs. One of the most significant improvements has been the hybrid mattress.

These mattresses use a combination of coil springs and memory foam, promising an excellent night’s sleep. You can even shop for the best hybrid mattress from your phone and have it shipped right to your door. But since hybrid mattresses can skew toward specific sleep styles, choosing the best one does take some research. The following eight selections should help steer you in the direction of pleasant dreams.

  1. 总体上最好:Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress
  2. RUNNER-UP:簇绒和针混合床垫
  3. 最好的爆炸:Zinus 12英寸的支持加上Pocket Spring Mattress
  4. 升级选择:Leesa Hybrid Mattress.
  6. 最适合胃睡眠者:Layla Hybrid Mattress
  7. 最适合侧枕:布鲁克林签名杂交
  8. 最适合睡眠者:Purple Hybrid


Types of Layers in Hybrid Mattresses


Memory Foam

Memory foam—a polyurethane-based material with excellent elasticity—takes the shape of the sleeper’s body. In a matter of minutes, the foam fully conforms as it absorbs body heat, and the material “hugs” the sleeper. An oft-cited issue with memory foam is that it traps body heat and isn’t instantly comfortable as soon as you lie down. Hybrid mattresses with coil springs and memory foam allow air to flow through the layers for a cooler experience and also tend to be comfy right away.


A comfort layer of latex foam also contours to the body, but to a lesser degree than memory foam. Most latex compounds used in mattresses are naturally sourced, meaning they’re organic. They don’t off-gas (a smelly release of gases formed by the breakdown of volatile organic compounds) as some memory foams might. Since latex is far more breathable than memory foam, it doesn’t trap body heat nearly as much. Folks that run hot in the middle of the night will appreciate the cooler material.


If you’re picturing a waterbed, you’re way off base. The gel in a hybrid mattress isn’t a layer of squishy goo; it’s infused into one of the foam layers to promote a deeper, more comfortable night’s rest. The polyurethane-based gel absorbs body heat, helping the sleeper stay cool throughout the night. Some hybrids use gel pods, while others infuse gel directly into the foam; both do an excellent job of maintaining a comfortable temperature. Though gel absorbs heat, it’s not particularly good at dissipating it, so the best hybrid mattresses will use a layer below the gel to circulate airflow.

Innerspring System


What to Consider When Buying a Hybrid Mattress


Sleep Trial Period

睡眠试用期允许用户在决定是否希望保留它之前保持床垫一定的时间。因为试用期具有不同的长度 - 通常来自信誉良好的制造商大约100夜 - 确保您选择的床垫提供了足够长的试验,以便做出明智的决定。只要您在允许的时间范围内,大多数制造商都会来挑选床垫,没有任何费用。这是一个很大的好处,因为床垫不适合平价运送箱。




虽然很少有人在整晚保持同样的位置,但是找到一个床垫的床垫是明智的 - 通常是你第一次入睡时所在的位置。


混合床垫材料可能会令人困惑。在最好的混合床垫中寻找一个聪明的事情是证书 - 美国认证,这意味着床垫是有机,低的VOC,低于床垫制造商过去的有害阻燃剂。

Often, choice in material comes down to comfort. If you often find yourself waking up in the middle of the night because you feel hot, a latex-based mattress would serve you the best. If you love the cozy feeling of a mattress enveloping your body, then a memory foam material is the way to go.





Your body may react differently to the varying levels of firmness. Some folks with bad backs and those who primarily sleep on their stomachs tend to prefer firm mattresses. Side-sleepers may enjoy the cozy feeling of sinking into a soft mattress as it conforms around them.

Firm mattresses help distribute weight, as the sleeper isn’t likely to sink lower in some spots than others, reducing pain at pressure points. However, if a mattress is too firm, it can actually cause aches and pains at the contact points, resulting in poor sleep.



Ever sat on the edge of a bed to tie your shoes and felt like you were going to slide right off? That’s poor edge support in action! And anyone who sleeps with a bed hog (be it a human or an oversized canine companion) knows that getting pushed toward the edge of the bed can be downright anxiety-inducing. It’s hard to fall asleep if you feel like you’re on top of an impending landslide.

To find a mattress with proper edge support, look for extra springs along the perimeter. This will provide the confidence you need to doze off, even if Fido keeps inching closer and closer.


With so many great mattresses on the market now, manufacturers rely on their warranties to make their products stand out. Several offer 10-year warranties, while others offer coverage against defects in materials (broken springs, for example) or craftsmanship (torn seams and the like) for the lifetime of the mattress if you’re the original owner.

These warranties don’t cover discomfort or normal sagging that develops through routine use. They do, however, cover defects in the materials or craftsmanship. Should the mattress break or fail, you’ll be glad you chose a company with a long warranty period.


Mattresses are considered fairly big-ticket purchases, and since hybrids use so many high-end materials, they can be pricier than their conventional counterparts. That said, hybrids can run as low as a few hundred dollars and reach well over $2,000. While you probably shouldn’t buy the cheapest mattress you can find, you needn’t break the bank either. One great way to save money on a mattress is to buy it directly from the manufacturer. Several mattress-in-a-box companies cut the middleman out to offer significant savings on high-quality mattresses.

Shopping Guidelines for Specific Issues


  • 减压均匀分布重量,减小压力。
  • Temperature regulation refers to a cooling design or materials that help keep you cool.
  • 运动隔离声称最小化折腾和转向破坏。

Our Top Picks



最佳混合床垫选项: Wave-Hybrid-Mattress

The Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress can do it all. It employs both perforated, breathable foam and gel pods to keep you cool while also providing extra support. The individual coil springs allow airflow through the layers. The foam around the shoulders is softer than other areas, allowing for pressure relief for the upper body. This five-layer mattress also features a thin coating of gel over the top layer, keeping sleepers as cool as possible and providing a refreshing surface. This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial.


Photo: tuftandneedle.com



最佳混合床垫选项: Zinus 12 Inch Support Plus Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress with Euro Top

对于那些想要一个巨大的床垫而不花盛大的人来说,Zinus创造了12英寸的支撑加口袋弹簧混合床垫。这款经济实惠的床垫采用7.5英寸的单独螺旋弹簧,四层内存泡沫和软绗缝盖。它的证书 - 美国被证明是没有臭氧含量,甲醛和化学阻燃剂,床垫也注入舒缓的绿茶和木炭以减少气味和水分。虽然支持加没有睡眠试验,但它确实有10年的保修。


最佳混合床垫选择:Leesa Hybrid床垫
Photo: leesa.com

If you want a luxurious hybrid mattress dropped off at your front door, look no further than the Leesa. This mattress features premium foams for cooling and contouring, as well as pocket springs to provide excellent support. The comfort layer of foam features punched holes to allow body heat to escape and cool air to enter, without losing the bounciness you want in a mattress. It features five layers for maximizing comfort, including a 6-inch pocket spring base, and four layers of foam. It’s CertiPUR-US certified, so no off-gassing or harmful materials to worry about, and it has a 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial.


最佳混合床垫选项: The WinkBed
Photo: winkbeds.com

While the WinkBed is an all-around excellent mattress, those troubled by back pain will be especially appreciative of its unique design. The individually wrapped coil system and foam provide plenty of support, as well as top-of-the-line edge support, thanks to a greater number of coil springs around the perimeter than other mattresses typically have. For temperature control, the pillow top is infused with gel to pull heat away from the body. The WinkBed, which comes in four different levels of firmness (Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, and Plus), has a lifetime warranty, and a longer-than-average sleep trial of 120 nights.


最佳混合床垫选项:Layla Hybrid Mattress



最佳混合床垫选项: Brooklyn Signature Hybrid



最佳混合床垫选项: The Purple Hybrid Mattress


The Advantages of Owning a Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses offer the support and cooling of an innerspring mattress with the comfort of memory foam, a combination that will provide a great night’s rest, keeping sleepers cool and comfortable.


  • 混合床垫提供了一个绝妙的组合of support, firmness, and temperature regulation.
  • 睡眠试验允许购物者选择完全正确的床垫。
  • Manufacturers will ship the mattress to your door and pick it up if you don’t like it.

FAQs About Your New Hybrid Mattress

Find answers to the most common questions people have about hybrid mattresses. If you’re still uncertain, most manufacturers featured above have online chat options to help clear things up.

What is a hybrid mattress?





Most manufacturers offer 10-year warranties with their hybrid mattresses. This also happens to be about the length of their comfortable and usable lifespan.