It’s where they nap, play, crawl, and learn to walk: Make your home’s floor the safest place for little ones to learn and explore.



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The floor is just about the ideal spot for babies and toddlers to explore the world. As they’re lying on their backs and later, crawling on their bellies, it’s important to provide them with a safe, comfy surface that also protects your hardwood or carpeting from any accidents. Kid-friendly mats are the simplest solution and come in a range of sizes, colors, and materials, from cushy foam to health-conscious cotton. The most important considerations, of course, are health and safety, so the best floor mats for kids should be nontoxic, have a nonslip backing, and have high-quality finishes that are easy to clean by machine, by hand, or with a vacuum. Additional features like fun colors, playful patterns, and educational designs will only make your tykes’ playtime more memorable—and your days more joyful.

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You want the best for your little ones, which is why these mats were chosen; they’re nontoxic and safe for young children. Still, you should always check a product’s label to confirm whether it’s made of nontoxic materials. If the mat’s label or packaging doesn’t specify that it is toxin-free, contact the manufacturer for more details. The following recommendations are kid-safe, easy to clean, and come in a range of sizes and color schemes.

Best Overall

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Little Bot’s Ofie mats are anything but little. Measuring 6.5 feet by 4.5 feet, these premium foam play mats are spacious enough for curious youngsters to roam around—and are certified nontoxic. That means they are free of BPA, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, and fire retardants. Ofie mats are also double-sided, soft to touch, and pretty to look at. They won’t clash with your decor, but they will offer a safe, comfy, and stylish spot for your little ones to rest and play. One caveat: While Little Bot mats are designed to be pet-friendly, too, you’ll probably want to keep cats and dogs off your Ofie to preserve the surface over the long term. Vacuum-safe and easy to roll up when playtime is done, Ofie mats come in three subtly patterned, neutral color schemes.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Floor Mats for Kids Option: Angels Extra Large Kids Carpet Playmat Rug
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以非常合理的价格,这6.6英尺乘3.3英尺的城市Rug Playmat是一个很大的价值。你的孩子不仅可以获得柔软,舒适的地毯的距离(从他们的角度来看,他们的手和膝盖,他们也将获得整个景观,他们的想象力可以自由漫游。道路和街区被图案化为这种聚酯织物地毯,为小孩,幼儿和年龄较大的孩子提供了几个小时的游戏时间。教你的孩子们喜欢“医院”,“学校”,“机场”等等,而他们沿着表面缩放他们的玩具汽车。每个超大地毯都有一个滑雪板背衬,以增加安全性。要清洁,摇匀外面,用扫帚刷它,或在低设置上真空吸尘。如果你想随着时间的推移保存它,它不适合重型吸尘。

Upgrade Pick

The Best Floor Mats for Kids Option: Cushmat Double-Sided Tummy Time Mat
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Buy quality and it will repay you. Cushmat’s Tummy Time Mat is on the pricier side, but it has all the features that will make it a family favorite: First and foremost, it’s nontoxic. Cushmat is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), a flexible memory foam that is free from heavy metals, latex, BPA, PVC, formaldehyde, and phthalates, among other questionable chemicals. Each baby mat is lightweight but ultrathick: 0.6 inches in height, which is a lot cushier than many other mats.



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你的孩子有敏感的皮肤吗?虽然大多数由残毒材料制成的垫子,如记忆泡沫不会引起或加剧皮肤状况,棉是最终的无毒,全天然织物。它是透气,健康的,在你家中也是为了这个星球。Beebeerun的爬行缓冲是一种喜悦,可以看待和使用。它达到59英寸的78英寸,厚度为0.6英寸,使其成为一个靠近最靠的垫子。最重要的是,它是由健康,优质的棉花制成,并具有Nonslip支持。凭借两个愉快的设计可供选择,Beebeerun的Play Mats是幼儿园或游戏室的完美补充。机器可清洗(仅冷水)。


The Best Floor Mats for Kids Option: KC CUBS Playtime Collection Educational Area Rug
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KC Cubs的播放时间教育地毯是如此明亮和乐趣,可以看,你的孩子可能会忘记他们也在学习一些东西。功率覆盖,聚丙烯地毯具有乳胶背衬,用于添加非底皮安全性,并用整个字母表和更多的方式图案化。孩子们可以学习季节,一周的天气,天气模式和像“斑马”和“袋鼠”这样的动物话语。轻巧且易于卷起,储存,KC Cubs的地毯尺3英尺3英寸距离4英尺7英寸,也是家庭游戏室和临时教室的一个很棒的补充。该产品的一个可能的下行缺点是该公司未列出阻燃剂或其他化学物质是否用于治疗织物表面。

Best Modular

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把它放在眨眼之间,打破它。ProSource的泡沫拼图垫是儿童友好且易于使用的垫子:只需覆盖您的占地面积即可使用尽可能多的大瓷砖。每组均配有36个互锁,12英寸乘12英寸拼图,当完全展开时,覆盖6英尺的6英尺6英尺的区域。当你的孩子们变老时,教他们如何将它放在一起 - 并将其自我放弃。该公司将其高密度EVA泡沫益智瓷砖描述为“安全,不含毒性邻苯二甲酸盐”。但是,请注意,EVA泡沫也应该是formamide-free。如果您有任何疑虑,请在购买前联系公司.7

Best Plush

The Best Floor Mats for Kids Option: V-Mix Baby Play Mat
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Lush, plush, and available in 10 beautiful colors, V-Mix’s baby play mats are a joy to sink into. The surface is velvet fabric, covering a soft sponge filling. The whole mat is nontoxic, nonslip, and highly versatile. Beyond using for baby, use V-Mix mats for yoga, exercise, indoor picnics, and more. Because each mat is shipped vacuum-packed, it may take three to five days to fully unfold and lie flat. Have no worries about cleaning this mat, either: you can machine-wash, hand-wash, or vacuum it, whichever is best. This baby mat comes in seven sizes (the smallest is 79 inches by 32 inches and the largest is 79 inches by 95 inches) and can stand up to daily use from kids, adults, and even pets.