The Best Fax Machines for Your Home Office

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In many industries, fax machines are still considered a necessity; in fact, they are seeing a resurgence in popularity. Faxing is a very secure way to exchange information. Faxes cannot be easily hacked, and unlike email attachments, they cannot transmit computer viruses.


  1. 总体上最好:HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 All-in-One Wireless Printer
  2. BEST BUDGET:HP ENVY Pro 6455 Wireless All-in-One Printer
  3. 巴克最好的爆炸:爱普生劳动力wf - 2860无线Printe一体化r
  4. UPGRADE PICK:HP Color LaserJet Pro多功能M479FDW无线
  5. BEST DEDICATED:兄弟FAX-2840高速单音激光传真机
  6. BEST COMPACT:HP LaserJet Pro M29w Wireless All-in-One Printer





Other than sending and receiving documents, printing is the primary job of a fax machine. Choose from laser or inkjet printing technology.

Laser printers快速,生产高质量的图像,比喷墨更贵。激光印刷使用调色剂,干燥的粉末材料比墨水长。墨粉更换昂贵,并且必须更换硒鼓。这对于那些做很多印刷的人来说是个不错的选择。

喷墨打印机are inexpensive, produce a more resilient finish, and the cartridges are easier to replace than toner. Inkjet printers use liquid ink that produces better photo images and color documents that resist smudging better than toner. They print more slowly and print fewer pages over their life span than laser printers. Choose inkjet if you want great-looking, long-lasting color documents and photos, or if you only print occasionally.


Many shoppers are inclined to move straight to a color printer with built-in fax capabilities, but a more practical solution may be in order. Monochrome (black/gray only) printers are popular in professional offices because of their fast print speeds, low operation costs, and high-quality text. Monochrome may be a better choice for those who print large quantities of simple text. If, however, you plan to print your own brochures, flyers, advertisements, or any document involving color graphics, a color printer/fax machine is your obvious choice.

Wired vs. Wireless


Wired fax machines connect to your computer with an ethernet cable through a network router using Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth connection. Wi-Fi connections may run through a network router or connect the computer or smartphone directly to the fax. Bluetooth can connect the computer or smartphone directly to the fax machine. While connected to your device, fax machines can send a fax. Some machines can receive a fax and forward it to email.



Modem Speed

A fax modem allows the fax machine to send and receive document transmissions over phone lines. The speed of the modem is the maximum rate at which the transfer can happen, which is generally 14.4 kilobit per second or faster. A faster modem speed can help clear the phone line faster, which may be helpful if the line is shared with phone calls.

The actual amount of time it takes for a document to fax depends on the size of the document, the amount of detail it contains, and the clarity of the connection to the machine on the receiving end. A text-only document takes about 30 seconds per page to transmit, while a page-sized photograph could take a full minute. A faster modem can deliver documents more quickly.

Auto-Dialing and Memory




Password protection is available to allow operation only by authorized users. Encryption software scrambles the transmission, so it can’t be intercepted by a third party between transmission and reception. Fax machines that store fax information offer an added level of security against data loss in case of power failure.

Wi-Fi and Smart Technology

传真机可以使用以太网电缆连接到家庭办公室网络,但使用蓝牙和Wi-Fi变得越来越常见。Wi-Fi Office连接使用漫射频率通过路由器热点链接设备。只要路由器正常运行,网络上的各种设备都可以彼此通信。其他设备可以通过蓝牙连接连接到传真机。

Most fax machine makers have developed apps to connect and manage fax machines remotely. These apps allow users to scan remotely, then fax the scanned image through the fax machine or receive faxes on a remote device. The app also allows users to check the status of ink or toner, the fax history, and other functions. Some fax machines are compatible with voice-activated smart devices like Amazon Echo or Apple’s Siri.


Fax machines offer other convenient features, too. While basic fax machines require the user to manually place and flip the document to be scanned, those with auto document feeders perform this task automatically. Caller ID displays the source of incoming faxes or phone calls on a shared line, which will help users decide whether to answer a call or let the fax machine pick up. Dual access functionality lets users print one document while transmitting another. Machines with broadcast capability allow a document to be sent to multiple recipients.

Our Top Picks

Working from home brings plenty of challenges, so your home office technology should remove some of those challenges to help you be more productive. Whether you need a robust print-copy-scan-fax machine with professional-quality color output and advanced security or a fast, simple, dedicated fax machine, the right machine may appear in this list.

Best Overall

最佳传真机选项:HP OfficeJet Pro 9025一体式无线打印机

For those who need to print, scan, copy, and fax with full-color capabilities, this fast inkjet model may be the right choice. The HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 Wireless Printer offers fast 24-page-per-minute printing speed and a 35-page automatic feeder. It connects to your home office network via Wi-Fi, USB port, or ethernet cable. Two 250-sheet paper trays helps users stay productive on high-volume projects. It syncs to QuickBooks, Google Drive, and other programs with Smart Tasks to eliminate repetitive tasks and organize receipts and business documents 50 percent faster.

使用HP Smart应用程序访问您的打印机和扫描仪,监控墨水级别和打印,复制和扫描。自我修复Wi-Fi自动检测连接问题并无缝重新连接以保持连接。内置安全功能包括基本加密,密码保护,Wi-Fi安全性和文档保护。HP提供可选的升级到HP Instant Ink,以获得送到您的家庭办公室的正版HP 962墨水,包括运费和回收。


最佳传真机选项:HP Envy Pro 6455无线一体式打印机

Work efficiently at home with the HP ENVY Pro 6455 Wireless All-in-One Printer. Stay productive with fax, print, scan, and copy versatility. This copier handles plain and glossy photo paper, with print speeds of 10 pages per minute (black), and seven pages per minute (color). It features automatic two-sided printing, borderless photos, and a hands-free 35-page automatic document feeder. Save time by sending secure mobile faxes from your smartphone, tablet, or PC using the HP Smart app. With the HP Smart app, you also can set up your work printer in a few easy steps and get high-quality scanning and sharing from multiple smartphones. Get reliable connections and reduce interruptions with self-healing Wi-Fi.

Best Bang for the Buck

最好的传真机选项:EPSON Workforce WF-2860一体式无线打印机

对于具有大量功能以价值价格的传真机,请考虑EPSON劳动力WF-2860一体化无线彩色打印机。此喷墨彩色打印机提供精密印刷和紧凑,节省空间的设计。它以黑色和7.5页的每分钟打印14页。它具有30页的自动文档馈线,用于复制和扫描和150张纸张的打印容量。要保存纸张,它会自动打印双面。它支持IOS和Android设备(无需使用Wi-Fi连接的网络)以及以太网连接。此打印机仅兼容Epson Cartridges;它不适用于第三方墨盒或墨水。

Upgrade Pick

最佳传真机选项:HP Color LaserJet Pro多功能M479FDW无线

For those who need more functionality, such as upgraded security features and automated workflow functions, the HP Color LaserJet Pro Multifunction M479fdw Wireless Laser Printer is an excellent choice. It supports high productivity with single-pass two-sided scanning, a 50-sheet auto document feeder, a 250-sheet input tray, and print speeds up to 28 pages per minute. The energy-efficient design saves up to 18 percent more energy than comparable printers.

Built-in Wi-Fi Direct allows smart devices to connect directly to the wireless printer for easy mobile printing with no local network connection. Embedded security features include instant threat notifications and optional PIN/Pull printing that help protect the printer from being an entry point for cyberattacks and to ensure the security of sensitive data. Advanced settings allow you to save preferences and automate complicated workflows.

Best Dedicated

最佳传真机选项:Brother Fax-2840高速单音激光传真机

那些寻找快速,简单,安全的专用传真机可能需要查看兄弟FAX-2840高速单音激光传真机。它具有一个20页的容量自动文件送料器,用于扫描和可调节的250张容量纸盘,用于打印传入传真。33.5 kbits /秒调制解调器仅在2.5秒内发送页面。16MB内存最多可存储400页。内置高速USB 2.0接口可以连接到您的计算机以进行21页每分钟激光打印。该传真机与TN-450碳粉盒兼容,可以打印高达2,600页。


最佳传真机选项: HP LaserJet Pro M29w Wireless All-in-One Printer

如果办公空间很紧,请查看Compact HP LaserJet Pro M29W无线一体化激光打印机。最小的激光打印机在其课堂上,它仍然会产生专业的单色印刷效果。它每分钟打印最多19页,并具有150张纸张的打印能力。内置无线功能允许轻松访问网络上的打印和共享,或者使用Wi-Fi Direct直接连接到打印机。预装商业应用程序让用户直接扫描到PDF和电子邮件。它通过HP智能应用程序支持移动打印,允许您从智能设备,订单墨粉订单和从云打印进行扫描。



Q. How does a fax machine work?

Fax is a digital signal that travels over analog telephone phone lines. A fax machine scans an image of a document, converts it to an electronic signal, and transmits it to another fax machine, much the same way that a telephone transmits voice calls to another phone.

Q. How do I set up a fax machine?

To set up a dedicated fax machine, simply plug in the power cord and the phone line and then set up the machine settings. Connect the phone cord to the wall jack and to the 1-line on the fax machine. Each model and brand of fax machine works a bit differently, but these are the general steps:

  1. Set up fax settings and preferences on the fax machine, including the fax header. The fax header is the information your recipients see when you send a fax, typically your name/business name and complete 10-digit fax number.
  2. Turn on “answer mode” to accept incoming calls (faxes) automatically. If the fax line doubles as a voice line, set the number of rings to answer to allow yourself enough time to answer an incoming call before the fax machine picks up.
  3. 选择与模拟电话服务对应的拨号类型:音调或脉冲。
  4. Finally, follow the instructions in your owner’s manual to run a test to make sure everything is in working order.


The three basic steps to using a fax machine are dial-scan-send or:

  1. Dial the fax number you’re faxing to.
  2. 扫描您正在发送的封面和文件。
  3. 按下发送按钮。订单可能因机器而有所不同。

Q. How long does it take to send a fax?


Q. Can I send a fax with a fax machine if I don’t have a landline?


问:我可以直接从我的电脑发一份传真fax machine?

You can use a web app like FAX.PLUS, eFax, or others to send and receive faxes from your computer.