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Daybeds are a popular furniture option for the versatility they offer. Holding either a twin or full mattress, they can make a nice guest bed. Their design’s high back and side arms sets them up to double as a spot to sit during the day. Some people who don’t have a dedicated guest room in their home choose to put a daybed in their office or living room to use for everyday seating while also providing space for guests to sleep when needed.

If you are looking for the best daybed for your living space, there are a few features you will want to consider before making a purchase: wood or metal construction, frame design, and optional under-bed storage or trundle, to name a few. Opt for a trundle, or an additional bed on caster wheels stored under the daybed, and you can roll it out double your sleeping space without taking up any extra square footage during the day. Once you’ve determined what you need from a daybed, read on for several shining examples of multifunctional models.


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Our Top Picks

The guide highlights some of the best daybeds on the market today, selected with style and comfort in mind. Find a design that coordinates with the desired space and keeps overnight guests resting easy.

Best Overall

最好的Daybed.Option: DHP Victoria Daybed
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The DHP Victoria Daybed is an attractive daybed that can enhance the look of a bedroom or living area. The all-metal daybed is available in four different finishes: white, bronze, pewter, and dark gray. The sides and back of the bed feature elegant scrollwork, and there are decorative finials on each of the four posts.


Best Bang For The Buck

最好的日间选项:Homereconommend Metal Daybed Frame
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如果您正在寻找一个复杂和现代的日间床,请查看Homerecommend Metal Daybed。这张双型床有黑色,白色,棕色或深色铜的金属框架,可以完美地补充许多风格的选择。



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This beautiful daybed can also provide a nice spot for two adults or children to sleep when hosting overnight guests. Beneath the bed is a pull-out trundle that holds a standard-size twin mattress. You may also find that this bed is perfect for a child’s room since it has a built-in spot ready for when friends sleepover. The trundle can support up to 250 pounds, and the daybed can support up to 400 pounds. This daybed measures 43.5 by 75.5 by 33.5 inches.

最好的For Kids

最好的Daybed.Option: Dorel Living Kayden Daybed
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Dorel Living Kayden Daybed是一款精美设计的酒坛,带实木框架。它可提供白色或浓缩咖啡完成,将魅力添加到儿童卧室。

Sturdy wooden slats cross the bed’s frame to offer support for a mattress; no box spring is needed. This daybed can support up to 225 pounds. Kids can also store extra clothing, stuffed animals, or other treasures under the bed since the bed’s frame is 13 inches off the ground. If you need additional sleeping space for guests, a twin-size trundle will also fit nicely in the area under the mattress, but you’ll need to purchase it separately. The item’s dimensions are 42.25 by 77.25 by 34 inches.

Best Daybed Trundle Set

最好的日间选项:Zinus Eden Twin Daybed和Trundle Set
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If you regularly have guests over but don’t have enough comfortable spaces for them to sleep, the Zinus Eden Twin Daybed and Trundle Set may be the solution. The trundle features sturdy wheels to make it easy to pull it out when needed and push it back under the bed for storage. Each piece is designed to hold a twin-size mattress and can support up to 250 pounds.



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For those who prefer a full-size daybed, consider the Harper & Bright Designs Daybed. This model is crafted from solid pine wood and can be used with only a full mattress, no box spring needed. The bed’s foundation uses wood slats to allow sufficient airflow to help your mattress stay fresh. The sturdy foundation also makes this daybed very supportive; it can hold up to 460 pounds and measures 78 by 57 by 34 inches.



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The Homall Outdoor Daybed is a stylish and attractive option that helps transform a patio into an outdoor oasis. The base of the daybed is a spacious 33-inch circle that offers plenty of space for two or three people to lounge. The bottom half of the base can also be pulled off to create a separate seating area or a table. This model even has a retractable canopy sunshade.