Standing water in a bowl collects dust, hair, and other debris. This guide can help you find the best cat water fountain for your feline’s health, hydration, and taste.


Best Cat Water Fountain Options


Drinking water is key to your cats’ health, as it keeps furry friends hydrated and helps prevent problems such as urinary tract infections, a common ailment among felines. But sitting water easily collects dust and other impurities, as well as an off-putting taste and odor. Even if you clean and refill water bowls frequently, many cats prefer running water—the sight and sound is more attractive, and it simply tastes better.

Rather than share your sink or tub faucet with your feline companions, consider a cat drinking fountain. Keep reading to learn about important features to look for, and factors to consider while shopping, so you can find the best cat water fountain for your kitty companions.

  1. BEST OVERALL:Catit花喷泉
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK:NPET WF050 Cat Water Fountain 1.5L Super Quiet
  3. 最佳升级:Comsmart Cat喷泉,81oz LED宠物喷泉
  4. 最好的陶瓷:iPettie Traitone陶瓷宠物饮用喷泉
  5. BEST STAINLESS STEEL:奇迹生物猫喷泉不锈钢
  6. 最大的重力运行:Amazonbasics Gravity Pet Food和Pater Dispenser
  7. 最适合多只猫:PetSafe Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain
Best Cat Water Fountain Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Cat Water Fountain

The best cat water fountain for your home depends on the number of felines, the time you’re willing to invest in maintenance, the size of your pets, your tolerance to sound, and the quality of water you want to serve them. Explore the following factors and features to decide which model will suit you and your feline friends.





The depth of the fountain refers to the reservoir size, another important feature. Cat drinking fountains typically hold between 1.5 to 3 litres of water or more. If you’re typicallyaway from home长时间,确保您的猫保持水合用罐子可以持有大量水的喷泉。另一方面,如果你只有一只猫而你是一个家庭,那么较小的喷泉可能会很好。


Cat fountains generally come with assembly required, so take the time to read and understand assembly directions prior to purchase. A quality cat water fountain needn’t have so many complicated parts that it’s a real hassle to assemble, disassemble, and reassemble.

Remember that a cat water fountain isn’t a build-it-and-forget-it device. You will need to clean the fountain and the filter regularly, and replace the filter every once in a while. You might prefer a model that isn’t difficult to take apart, clean, or fill up with water.


A fountain’s filtering system is what keeps your cats’ water fresh and clean. But the filters shouldn’t cost a fortune or be challenging to remove, clean, and replace. Look into how much filters cost for the models you’re interested in, and how often the filters require replacement. Some are washable and reusable for less frequent replacements. Also, check to see if the filters are simple to remove, which could save you time and effort.

There are two types of filters in cat water fountains; carbon filters and charcoal filters. Carbon filters contain one element only—pure, naturally occurring carbon—but they don’t absorb as many impurities as charcoal filters do.

Charcoal filters, which contain activated carbon (a chemically-treated carbon), hydrogen, and oxygen, attract and hold more pollutants than carbon filters. This makes them better at disinfecting water.



Operating Noise

Check out the noise levels of the fountain before making a purchase, and consider your tolerance to the sounds of flowing water and the pump. Some people find the sound of a fountain relaxing, while others barely notice it; but if you have sensitive hearing, you may find these noises annoying. Fortunately, there are fairly quiet fountains available with minimal water and pump sounds.

Our Top Picks

The following cat water fountains take into consideration the factors and features detailed above. These are among the best watering systems for felines in their respective categories.

Best Overall

Best Cat Water Fountain Options: Catit Flower Water Fountain

用猫花水喷泉给你挑剔的小猫一些饮酒选择。喷泉采用三种不同的水流设置 - 温柔的流量,冒泡顶部和平静的流 - 加上宠物顶部,当喷泉关闭时,您的猫可以饮用。储存器持有3升水的频率较少填充,而水位指示灯窗口显示在水较低时。

This model has a small footprint to take up little floor space, and there’s an LED nightlight to help guide your cat in the dark. The BPA-free plastic fountain uses a Triple Action Filter that removes magnesium, calcium,odors和自来水中的杂质。使用水和肥皂清洁组件,并冲洗良好。

Best Bang For the Buck

Best Cat Water Fountain Options: NPET WF050 Cat Water Fountain

如果您的猫更喜欢运行水,多功能的NPET WF050猫水喷泉可以将它们从水槽带走,并进入自己的绿洲。这种塑料喷泉具有模仿龙头的部件,可在两个高度设置,短大和高度可调节。在全高时,水龙头是一个位的噪音;短暂的设置更安静,所以这是夜间的好选择。




最佳猫用水喷泉选项:Comsmart Cat Lifeain


The plastic fountain is BPA-free, with a stainless steel tray for healthier drinking, and a three-layer filter to keep the water fresh. The fountain comes with an LED light to help monitor water levels and doubles as a beacon for your cat at night.

To maintain the fountain, change the water and clean the fountain weekly, wash the pump every 2 weeks, and change the filter at least once a month.


最佳猫用水喷泉选项:Ipettie Trains陶瓷宠物饮用喷泉

iPettie Traitone喷泉由无毒,环保的陶瓷制成,这是一种比塑料和不锈钢更卫生的材料。陶瓷抵抗划痕,这意味着没有植物的缺点,以繁殖和茁壮成长。喷泉相当高于7磅,所以不太可能尖端洒。扇贝形碗也很时尚。

The fountain comes with two filters: One surrounds the pump to prevent宠物头发and debris from entering, and the second is a chemical filtration that removes bad taste and odor. The AC submersible pump is quiet and can last up to 20,000 hours.

The iPettie ceramic fountain holds 2.1 liters of water, which can last up to 2 weeks if necessary. Setup and disassembly are easy, with few detachable parts. All parts (except the plug) can be easily washed and rinsed.

Best Stainless Steel

Best Cat Water Fountain Options: Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel

的不锈钢p on the Wonder Creature Cat Water Fountain is hygienic, unbreakable, durable, and easy to clean—you can even toss it in the dishwasher. There are three different drinking modes for felines to choose from. The fountain’s LED light indicates water level with different colors; once the light turns red, the power automatically shuts off.


Best Gravity Run

Best Cat Water Fountain Options: AmazonBasics Gravity Pet Food Feeder

The AmazonBasics pet food and water dispenser uses gravity to keep pets hydrated. When the water level in the bowl drops, the dispenser automatically releases more to fill the bowl. The plastic bottle holds 1 gallon of water and is transparent, so you can check the level at a glance. You’ll avoid spilling water when attaching the bowl to the base, thanks to a connector that prevents water from leaking until the base is securely attached.

The polypropylene base has integrated side handles that make it easy to lift it off the floor, and non-skid rubber feet prevent the water fountain from sliding across the floor. Wash the bottle and base by hand using soapy water, and rinse thoroughly.


Best Cat Water Fountain Options: PetSafe Stainless Steel Cat and Dog Water Fountain

The PetSafe multi-pet cat water fountain has a large enough base to hold 128 ounces of water, a good volume for a multi-pet household. The fountain is made of stainless steel that is hygienic, as well as rust- and scratch-resistant. You can select from five free-falling streams and adjust the stream flow. Configure the fountain to suit your cats’ preferences. If you’re away from home and the power goes out, the open bowl means your pets will still have access to water.

The fountain uses two filters; one to remove odor and bad taste, while the other protects the pump from hair and dirt. To clean, disassemble the parts and place everything but the pump into the dishwasher. Hand wash the pump separately.


For more information about cat water fountains, consider these answers to common queries.


This depends on the number of cats you have. At least once a week is a good general rule for one cat, but consider changing it more often if you have multiple cats.

Q. What do the filters do in the cat water fountain?


Q. Are water fountains safe for cats?

Yes, as long as you’re diligent about cleaning the components. Filtered water is healthier and free of impurities, while the flow of the stream also adds more oxygen to the water. Follow cleaning instructions and schedules for changing water and filters.