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Itchy and painful welts on your skin, brown stains on the sheets, a musty smell in your bedroom—all these may indicate a bed bug problem. However, until you actually catch the pests in the act, you can’t be sure. Since these bugs only come out at night, it can be difficult to find them.

幸运的是,陷阱而专门设计的bed bugs. These traps come in different shapes, ranging from cup-style traps that capture the tiny pests in small reservoirs to glue traps that ensnare the creepy crawlies. These traps work without using harmful, smelly pesticides.

This guide explores the different types of bed bug traps, explains key shopping considerations, and discusses some of the best bed bug traps on today’s market. If you suspect a bed bug issue, learn about the best bed bug traps here.

  1. 总体上最好:Aspecteek - Trapest Sticky Dome跳蚤床臭虫陷阱
  2. 巴克最好的爆炸:贝尔昆虫捕兽的陷阱
  3. BEST GLUE:陷阱最大胶水陷阱
  4. BEST PASSIVE:Bug Snarer Bed Bug Trap

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Bed bug traps are available in two varieties: passive and active. Learn more about the features and functionality of each type.

Passive Traps

Passive traps don’t use bait to attract bed bugs. Instead, they’re placed in high-traffic areas where bed bugs eventually crawl into or over them. This type of trap contains glue, which captures these tiny menaces, and interceptors, which trap the bugs in a reservoir.



活性疏水阀使用诱饵,例如化学品,热量或食物,以吸引臭虫。这些陷阱可能需要电力,并且必须用于延长的时间以吸引和消除所有入侵者。一些活跃的陷阱发出二氧化碳 - 与人类诱导昆虫的相同的化学物质 - 将臭虫覆盖在藏匿处并进入陷阱。

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Bed Bug Trap



两个主动和被动陷阱都有助于确定床虫侵扰是否实际存在。在达到家庭占用者之前,一个有效的陷阱捕获臭虫。但是,单独的陷阱通常无法消除问题;相反,他们让用户了解臭虫是否在家中。一旦确定它们存在,使用其他产品,例如福音和sprays, to proceed with extermination.







  • Use interceptor cups on the legs of the bed.These small traps work on the principle that bed bugs emerge at night and head to their food source—humans. To do so, they must crawl up the legs of the bed, making this an ideal location for trapping them.
  • 如果您有宠物,请避免使用诱饵的陷阱。Bait will attract not only bed bugs but also curious pets who are drawn to the food smells these traps emit.
  • Don’t add pesticides to bed bug traps.由于它们释放对人类健康有害的有害化学品,因此大多数农药不适合在卧室使用。
  • 请记住,陷阱不是解决方案。Remember, most bed bug traps are simply detection systems. Bed bugs can be extremely difficult to remove from a home. If the trap captures some bed bugs, it may be time to call in the pros to eliminate them.

Our Top Picks


Best Overall

最好的床Bug陷阱选项:Aspearek  -  Trapest Sticky Dome Flae Bug Trap
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The trap, which plugs into any standard outlet, is odorless and free of pesticides, making it a safe option for bedrooms. Once the trap is full, simply remove and replace the sticky insert. The light bulb is also replaceable.

Best Bang For The Truck

最好的床BUG陷阱选项: Bell Trapper Insect Trap
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For hospitals, hotels, and nursing homes, you need more than just a few traps to solve a bed bug problem. This pack of 90 bed bug traps from Bell is an excellent solution for larger capacity needs. Each of these glue-based traps folds into a triangle, creating a tunnel for capturing bed bugs and other insect nuisances, including cockroaches and spiders.


Best Glue

最好的床虫陷阱选项:Trapper Max Glue Traps 12胶板陷阱
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Use the traps flat or fold them into a tunnel, which also prevents dust and dirt from collecting on the trap. While the peanut butter smell attracts bed bugs to the sticky surface, it’s likely to attract other pests as well, including mice and other insects. This trap is not a good option for individuals with curious pets that also may be drawn to the smell.


最好的床BUG陷阱选项: Bug Snarer Bed Bug Trap
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Bed bug traps that emit chemicals in the air or include pesticides are not attractive in a bedroom. With its simple, safe design, this passive trap from Bug Snarer is an effective option for catching bed bugs. This trap fits under the legs of a bed or other furniture. Instead of harmful chemicals, the trap uses the human body as bait. When the bugs emerge at night to climb up the bedposts, they encounter this trap, which uses a cup-shaped design that causes the bugs to crawl and become stuck in a deep reservoir.

The slick walls of the reservoir prevent the bed bugs from climbing out and reaching their victim. Since it’s free of pesticides and chemicals, this trap is safe to use in bedrooms and around children and pets. They are available in packs of four, eight, and 12.

FAQs About Bed Bug Traps

If you’re still wondering about bed bug traps, check out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.




Bed bugs will eventually die when stuck in a glue trap, after which the trap should be thrown away. Live bed bugs shouldn’t be allowed to fight another day. Flush them down the toilet, or, if you’d rather take a more humane approach, dump them outdoors far from your home.

Q. Why am I not catching bed bugs in my traps?