是否巧妙,或者强烈的香味,空气清新剂do more than add fragrance to your home—they fight foulness and brighten your mood, too.

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Fromfunky kitchen odorstorank bathroom smells, our homes can get pretty musty, especially in the fall and winter months. Air fresheners can improve our environment’s scent through chemical or natural means. Some products diffuse synthetic or all-natural compounds to mask unpleasant odors and enhance air quality. Others contain purifying liquids or solids to deodorize and soak up bad smells where they lurk. It is up to you whether you want to be whisked away to a tropical paradise every time you inhale or not smell a thing but clean.

Here are some of the best air fresheners on the market today, plus helpful tips to guide you as you shop.

  1. BEST OVERALL:Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator Spray & Air Freshener
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK:新鲜波浪气味去除凝胶2包
  3. 最佳香气漫射器:Everlasting Comfort Essential Oil Diffuser
  4. BEST PLUG-IN:Botanica by Air Wick Plug In Scented Oil Starter Kit
  6. BEST CHARCOAL:莫斯自然:原装空气净化袋
  7. 最好的宠物气味:Zero Odor Pet Odor Eliminator
  8. BEST FOR BATHROOM:Poo-pourri前 - 上厕所喷雾,原始柑橘香味


What to Consider When Buying the Best Air Freshener

Air fresheners really come down to personal preference. Do you like strong scents or clean, unfragranced air? From this starting point, you can decide whether a spray, gel, sachet, or diffuser is right for you. Other important considerations are the size of your room and how long you’d like the product to last. Finally, think carefully about your health andany allergies or sensitivitiesyou may have.

Type and Intended Use


  • 喷雾:Air freshener sprays are versatile and incredibly easy to use. Just spray them into the air or onto a smelly surface and let the ingredients do their work. Spray fragrances don’t linger in the air for long, which can be an upside or a downside depending on your needs and preferences. Sadly, most sprays come in single-use plastic bottles, which have a negative impact on the environment.
  • Gels:Odor-busting ingredients like essential oils can be suspended in gel. Gels evaporate slowly, ridding the air of foulness in the process. Because gels’ fragrances are usually quite mild, they are best for freshening air in smaller spaces, like bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Sachet:Scented sachets have traditionally been filled with dried herbs or lavender. However, the best odor-eliminating ingredient for sachets is one that isn’t scented at all. Activated charcoal sachets are eco-friendly, remove unwanted odors, and are the best bets for folks with allergies. These sachets are available in a wide range of sizes, including extra-large to purify an entire room and very small ones suitable for deodorizing a closet.
  • 扩散器:Available as plug-in, electronic, or stand-alone units, diffusers all have the same basic function: to pump micro-bursts of fragrance, either natural or synthetic, into the air. Essential oil diffusers are really a product category of their own. They differ from plug-in and electronic models in that they mix fragrance with water, humidifying and purifying air at the same time.

Strength and Longevity


扩散器,另一方面,是守护神ger spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. Instead of scrubbing the air of bad smells, diffusers inject nice fragrances into your indoor environment, which linger for some hours. Plug-in and electronic diffusers are timed to release micro-bursts of fragrance from a cartridge or aerosol can. These units typically last 60 days before the cartridge (or can) needs replacing. Essential oil diffusers require just a few drops of essential oil, plus water refills, to keep air fresh day after day.


Air fresheners have reputations for being heavily and artificially scented, but that’s not the full story. It’s true that some plug-in diffusers and sprays contain synthetic fragrances and known toxins like phthalates. However, many air-freshener brands are appealing to health- and eco-conscious customers by upgrading the quality of their ingredients. Look for labels that list the types of chemicals not included, like dyes and alcohol, as well as those that tout ingredients like all-natural or organic essential oils. Products that contain ingredients deemed safer for human health and the environment receive Safer Choice certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).



No foul play here. These recommendations are based on health-conscious ingredients, quality materials, and products that actually do what they say: eliminate odors or perfume the air in your home. Here are the best in all categories, including sprays, gels, sachets, and diffusers.





最佳空气清新剂选择: Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel

Fresh Wave’s innovative odor-removing gel is a winner for many reasons. First, it actually works, absorbing and neutralizing bad smells anywhere in the house. Second, Fresh Wave has earned a Safer Choice label from the EPA, so you won’t be introducing toxins into your air to mask bad smells and risk your health. Instead, you’ll enjoy the lightly-spiced aroma of essential oils, including pine, lime, clove, anise, and cedarwood. As the gel evaporates over 60 days, yucky smells vanish, leaving freshness instead. Place Fresh Wave gel containers wherever odors are worst, like bathrooms or pet areas, and let them do their thing.

Best Aroma Diffuser

最佳空气清新剂选择: Everlasting Comfort Essential Oil Diffuser

Here’s a gift that keeps on giving, Everlasting Comfort’s Essential Oil Diffuser is stunning to look at and works like a dream. This ultrasonic diffuser is made of BPA-free materials that look like carved wood. The electronic components are certified for safety, reliability, and quality, making Everlasting Comfort a good choice for bedrooms and living spaces of all kinds. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and the diffuser does the rest, wafting a gentle mist that will last all night long. Though the diffuser does come with a cleaning kit, the extra-large 400ml water tank doesn’t require frequent maintenance. Noise free with a built-in timer and seven colored LED mood lights, Everlasting Comfort is calming for both your lungs and mind.

Best Plug-in

最佳空气清新剂选择: Botanica by Air Wick Plug in Scented Oil Starter Kit

Drift away to a desert island or an alpine meadow: Whatever your favorite scent may be, there’s a Botanica by Air Wick plug-in diffuser for you. The essential oils from this Caribbean Sweetgrass and Sandalwood kit are responsibly sourced from Haiti and contain no artificial dyes or phthalates. Long lasting and easy to refill, Botanica by Air Wick lasts up to 60 days on low power and can be plugged in anywhere. If sandalwood isn’t your thing, this plug-in also comes in喜马拉雅玉兰和香草as well as菠萝和突尼斯迷迭香。缺点是这种产品可能对那些对香味敏感的人来说可能过于压倒。



SVAVO最适合较大的家庭和商业空间。如果你想要香气在空中徘徊而不努力努力,SVaVo可能是你的空气清新剂的选择。使用其LCD显示屏,您可以在优选的香料强度水平下将喷射间隔时间从1到60分钟编程。您甚至可以为周末和平日进行不同的模式,使SVAVO非常适合健身房和其他业务场所。SVAVO可以安装到墙壁上或只是设置在桌子,书架或其他平坦稳定的表面上。该单位需要aerosol fragrance sprays这两个气味和两个AA电池分别出售。


最佳空气清新剂选择: MOSO NATURAL The Original Air Purifying Bag

市场上有很多木炭空气净化器,但很少堆叠到摩托中。每个袋子包含最优质的竹炭,这是无毒的,完全可生物降解。Moso Bags而不是遮蔽香料,而是有效地净化了您家的空气,从气味,污染物甚至水分释放它。无香,100%无化学,您的摩梭袋可以持续长达两年的维护。只需将摩西摩托在阳光下放在阳光下,一次一个月一次。而已。而不是在停止吸收气味时扔掉袋子,而是撒上花园上的木炭以获得全天然肥料。每个MOSO包覆盖高达300平方英尺,适用于厨房,地下室,卧室,以及您的空气需要刷新的其他任何地方。

Best For Pet Odor


你所有的臭的宠物的问题,这是odor eater for you. Zero Odor is a liquid deodorizer spray that permanently eliminates funky scents wherever they lurk, including your kitchen, basement, carpet, and clothing. Zero Odor doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and is nontoxic and non-allergenic. The patented formula is designed to bond with odor particles on a molecular level, neutralizing them in the process. Best of all, Zero Odor is safe for your pets and your kids. Spray it on fabric, car upholstery, and carpeting for quick and effective odor elimination. This product doesn’t leave chemical traces behind, only the scent of clean.


最佳空气清新剂选项:Poo-pouri之前 - 上厕所喷雾

With its tongue-in-cheek name, Poo-Pourri is memorable for sure. But does it work? The answer is a resounding yes, and with all-natural ingredients, no less. To avoid bathroom smells altogether, simply “spritz the bowl before you go.” The original nonaerosol spray contains a blend of lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass essential oils. But you can also choose from the brand’s wide selection of fragrances, including humorously named blends like “Deja Poo” and “Ship Happens.” All Poo-Pourri sprays contain natural compounds and no harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde. This is a great product for guest bathrooms or anywhere else a little discretion is required.

FAQs About Air Fresheners

Sweeten your home with one of the best air fresheners available. If you choose a plug-in or electric diffuser, make sure to consider your scent preferences and choose a fragrance that is light and enjoyable for you as well as for family and friends. Or go for unscented charcoal sachets for an easy, eco-friendly solution to odor elimination and air purification.


Citrus, vanilla, spices (like cinnamon and cloves), and other botanicals found in essential oils.



Q. How often do you need to change an air freshener?

Plug-in units need to be changed about every 60 days, and the same is true for gels. Sprays and sachets can last longer, depending on use.